Become apart of an elite group of profiling professionals.


WHITECAT (WC) Decoding is a well structured program for elite professionals who are highly regarded in their field and are seeking to differentiate themselves from the competition.  This behavioural course is designed to be superimposed onto your exceptional skill set.  Its the leverage your competitors will not have.  The techniques acquired would benefit anyone in executive leadership, management, sales, negotiation, strategy or procurement.

Upon completion of the programs, there is an exclusive invitation only membership for individuals that wish to continue to accelerate and network with like minded individuals.  This will ensure your success. 

Individual Programs

Discovery Session

Book an appointment with our WCDecoding specialist to discuss the various program options.  Please allocate 30 minutes for this appointment.


Decision Drivers

There are 2 core decision making drivers in every professional human being.  This is the first step to identifying how these drivers impact your decision making and outcomes.  Once you have these drivers the profiling module is your next step to find your stretches.  This is a 30 minute assessment by appointment only.



Is a 32 online questionnaire that is designed to classify the strengths and stretches of your archetype.  This is a detailed analysis of who you are, how you think and who you need to become.  This module includes six 45 minute consulting sessions to discuss the results and develop strategies to achieve your stretches.


Expressive Analysis

Using proven methodologies to decode peoples behaviour to enable immediate rapport building, communication, influence and behaviour flexibility.  Those with the greatest behavioural flexibility will always control the room.  There is a total of 6 webinar modules online.


WCDecoding Online

16 online webinar modules including decision drivers, profiling, expressive analysis, strategies and the language of influence.  This course will provide access to a closed FaceBook Group and access to materials for 12 months.  


WCDecoding VIP Membership

Meet with elite like minded professionals and exchange ideologies.  Enjoy exchanging posts on our FaceBook Closed Group.  Network at a luxurious location every quarter.  Invitation only.